How AI-powered Customer Service can help Achieve Digital Transformation

Remember the last time you had to call a call center to seek some assistance? Were you 100% satisfied? Have you felt frustrated getting directed through several extensions and meeting poor communicators? The condition could be similar to your own digital customers as well. That’s why an AI-powered call center is capable of achieving the impeccable online results of digital transformation.

Estimated market for AI in call centers
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In the modern, tech-savvy age, a company that is not investing in digital transformation is not investing in its future. To meet the dynamic demands of the most insatiable customers, you need to facilitate your business activities with state-of-the-art digital technology.

Getting noticed, reaching your target market, obtaining leads, and getting conversions isn’t an easy task to perform online. You might be allocating outrageous budgets to meet the expected objectives. In such a case, the last thing you want to happen would be having a customer switch to one of your competitors, just because they had a poor customer experience through a call center.

For a single purchase to occur and maintain a healthy relationship between your brand and your customer, effectively managing the inquiries that your customer care center receives is mandatory.

How ADL has contributed

We understand how the ultimate adaptation to AI technology can create skepticism within individuals and businesses. That’s why Axiata Digital Labs facilitated a catalyst to ensure the smooth and reliable digital transformation to any organization. Our award-winning catalyst, Measurements of trust in AI, laid out a framework for building and strengthening trust between brands and AI technology. The practical approach enabled countless companies to understand the story from top to bottom, receiving all clarifications to set foot in the transformation.

How AI can change customer journey

The customer journey is what your customers get to experience from the first time they reach your customer touchpoint to the moment they make a purchase. To ensure an effective customer experience, you can utilize artificial intelligence to deliver incredible results.

1.    Personalized digital customer experience

In modern times, customers expect something more personalized than having their first names appear in the emails you send them. Optimizing your customer-care approach using AI tools to offer effective chat boxes, predictive insights, and recommend products based on preferences, could be a few of many benefits that you can offer to ensure a more customer-centric approach, that could be delivered to the palms of your target audience.

2.    Intensify agent efficiency

A productive base of employees is a decisive factor for a company’s success. When your customer service agents get asked the same question by a hundred customers a day, the effectiveness of their work could drop drastically. However, with the compelling analytical tools available, you can analyze everything from the call pick-up frequency to the tone of their voice in dealing with your customers. This would leave you with conclusive evidence on which key areas need to be developed to get the maximum productivity from your employees. According to Forbes, studies show that 54% of executives believe that AI integration increases their productivity.

3.    Strengthen the bond with customers

Running a business and building a strong brand isn’t the same. Branding requires careful attention to all business functions and, importantly, paying good attention to every customer touchpoint to ensure effective communication between the brand representatives and its loyal customers. As a matter of fact, employing sophisticated technology to facilitate customer care services would undoubtedly aid in strengthening the bond between your target audience and your brand.

In today’s digital age, the more you can meet customer expectations, the better the chance you can stand of winning your customers’ first choice. When meeting the said expectations, it is vital to provide them with a reliable and satisfactory online service from your customer care services. Thereby, in your journey to attain success in digital transformation, without halting at conversions, you can get your acquisition turned into advocacy, become brand ambassadors, and spread your brand message.

Use of AI

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