The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing among businesses in the Information and Communication industries and beginning to conquer almost every sector. AI allows businesses to identify new growth opportunities, monetize existing data assets, and benefit from new revenue streams. AI is now beginning to create new standards across industries, accelerating the rate of digital transformation.

However, it is important to distinguish between AI and Machine Learning (ML), which refers to the concept of computer programs being able to learn and adapt from new data without human assistance. Nevertheless, most telco giants have already begun their digital transformation journey by investing in robotic automation and artificial intelligence.


The relationship between AI and Telcos

The simulation of human intelligence into machines can bring an array of benefits for any business. The experts #atthelab share a few benefits our clients in the telco industry have experienced by resorting to AI and ML solutions:

Key drivers for AI growth in telcos

Reduced Cost of Data Analysis

Any business’ goal is to maximize revenue while reducing costs. What role does AI play to help telcos and communication service providers (CSP) achieve their revenue goals?

Telcos have access to large volumes of verified customer data gathered from multiple sources such as KYC form, devices, networks, and billing. By implementing AI and ML, telcos can streamline and digitize the management of these large data sets to offer the second point on this list.

Improved Customer Service

With AI-driven solutions, CSPs can automate the customer service process. To achieve high revenue targets, Telcos need to have satisfied, loyal and repeat subscribers. How can AI help manage and retain telco customers?

With AI, Telcos can automate and digitize traditional customer interaction touchpoints to provide users with a better user experience (UX). For instance, the use of ‘chat bots’ allow customers to obtain answers to their questions using voice or intent recognition-based AI agents at any time or any day of the week, where  traditional methods will require the user to visit a customer service kiosk during operating hours. Customers prefer immediate responses from businesses as they feel valued when Telcos offers such AI solutions.

Predictive Analytics for Predictive Maintenance

AI technologies offer Telcos the ability to process large volumes of network and usage data in a short time frame. The ability to collect, process and analyze large quantities allows Telcos to use historical data to predict future results.  Sophisticated AI and ML algorithms enable Telcos to monitor their network assets such as data centers, cell towers, and other infrastructure to anticipate potential failure points and mitigate future outages. The ability to predict, prevent and take intelligent actions to avoid any failures in their network assets.  This can reduce the cost of expensive repairs and ensure their customers receive uninterrupted service.

The usage of AI for Telcos

The rise of combining AI driven solutions with the telecommunications industry is resulting in the development of numerous digital communication services, each providing a unique user experience.

ADL has implemented AI into numerous products to help our clients achieve their digital transformation goals. A few AI themed products from the lab are:

  • The Elite – ADL Next Best Offer/Recommendation Engine to improve customer life time value
  • Oscillate – A platform which enables AI based customer experience management
  • ADL Aie – Computer vision-based product to improve the efficiency of customer experience center
  • Progress Nexus – A platform to measure and monitor productivity of employees by integrating supporting systems like Jira, MS Dynamics, SonarQube and HR Systems
  • InKognito – A platform to automatically identify Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and anonymize or pseudonymize in any data lake

The future of AI is promising. According to IDC an increasing number of service providers are investing in AI-driven solutions.

AI growth and investment

Emerging technology such as cloud computing, ML, AI, IoT and much more are digitally transforming the way we work.

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