AXONECT API Management Platform

We enable the rapid digital transformation of telcos with a future proof API platform.

The Axonect platform allows Mobile Network Operators to leverage existing infrastructure, implement additional revenue streams and remain relevant in the digital age. The robust, flexible, API management platform is built on the award-winning WSO2 open-source stack and can be deployed on cloud or telco premises allowing operators to quickly and efficiently publish their APIs (such as USSD, SMS, Direct Operator Billing) to developers and companies. Axonect powered hubs and gateways can interconnect allowing companies from around the world to reach the customer base of a participating MNO much more effectively. Our platform was built by experts in the telco domain and in the development of state-of-the-art applications to power 2 Hubs, 21 MNOs in 9 countries with over 470 million end-users. Axonect is the easiest way for a telco to launch, transform or expand its digital business.

Explore possibilities with Axonect API Management

Publish APIs

Create, design and configure an API from the scratch or import an OpenAPI specification to start building your API

Access API Marketplace

Discover available APIs for application developers. Explore available resources and services. Our platform also enables developers to evaluate options based on the rating, comments and tags

Secure API and Control Access

Secure your API by choosing the most suitable options to authenticate, authorize and enforce request validation.

Manage and Monetize Traffic

Customize your settings to manage requests based on predefined conditions and create business plans to monetize your traffic

Centralize Administration

Manage all your admin related tasks from Axonect’s Admin Portal that allows you to configure, manage approvals and send notifications based on pre-defined conditions

Generate Analytics, Insights and Traceability

Monitor system and network performance by generating statistics related to usage, traffic, and consumer behavior while maintaining transparency by tracking all activities related to transactions.

Evaluate Deployment Options

Evaluate the deployment options offered by ADL to select the most suitable option for your organization based on business needs and environment.



API Manager

The API Manager provides an internal API marketplace that enables innovation through rapid service creation. It helps to expose proprietary interfaces from access, core, and IT systems as web-centric REST APIs via a single consistent API management platform for consumption by internal developers.



API Monetizer

The API Monetizer enables MNOs to onboard Service Providers (SP) themselves, monetize existing network assets, and manage their own API ecosystem. The gateway is designed for single-operator deployment with pre-built integration to multiple southbound network subsystems and northbound connectors to multiple SPs.



Entreprise API Aggregator

The Enterprise API Aggregator enables multi-operator aggregation, discovery, routing and interconnectivity of services and aggregates services exposed by other hubs and gateways, and via direct connections from MNOs. It provides a single point of integration for enterprises and service providers with comprehensive administration, rating, and reporting.

Axonect platform Features

Our Technology Partners

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