Exploring How Digital Transformation Shapes Environmental Sustainability

In an era marked by technological advancements and the urgent need for environmental conservation, the synergy between digital transformation and environmental sustainability has taken center stage. The marriage of these two seemingly distinct realms has given rise to innovative solutions that hold the potential to mitigate ecological challenges and create a more sustainable future. Digital […]

My Internship Experience – Sanduni Sulochana

What I learnt during my internship #atthelab Being an innovative software service provider is only possible if our clients are able to use the digital solutions on time. I believe project management is a key aspect for the success of any business. I have been interested in both project management and data science for a […]

8 tips to ace your technical interview

technical interview

8 Ways to Ace a Technical Interview Technical interviews are unlike any other job interview. It consists of a very specialized and rigorous process that can include additional interviews such as a behavioral interview and tasks that assess your skills in system design, coding, and personality. Feeling anxious and nervous before and during an interview […]

How to stay protected against Cyber Threats?

How to stay protected against Cyber Threats? What is Cyber Security? Cyber security is a discipline that covers how to defend devices and services from cyber-attacks by nefarious actors such as hackers, spammers, and cybercriminals. While some components of cyber security are designed to strike first. Cyber security has been used as a catch-all term […]

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)


Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) One of the leading technology trends during the last decade has been cloud computing. The rise of ‘everything-as-a-service’ as a business model has been increasingly adopted by businesses because of the range of benefits the different types of cloud computing bring such as reduced costs, easy accessibility, improved data, cloud security, and unlimited […]

Acing a Job Interview: The Basics for a Technical Interview


Employers who recruit for engineering, science, or software positions commonly conduct technical interviews. In essence, it is an interview to assess your technical competence for the position and the depth and breadth of your knowledge in the field of your choice. As part of a technical interview, you’ll also be asked to demonstrate problem-solving skills, […]

An Upcoming FinTech Trend – The BNPL method

BNPL fintech

Buy Now & Pay Later – An Upcoming FinTech Trend? Ever wanted something so bad, but didn’t have the money to purchase it right then and there? We’ve all been there – our options are to follow traditional banking methods and spend all our savings on it and not look back or we save up […]

SaaS – What is it and what are its characteristics?

What is SaaS

On-premise software acquisitions and updates can be costly and time-consuming. This challenge is faced mostly with businesses that implement and use ERP systems. However, with a model such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), these challenges can be mitigated. What is SaaS? SaaS is a type of cloud computing model where the licensing and delivery of the model […]

How does Machine Learning Apply to IoT Data


What is Machine Learning Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) and is what allows computers to continuously learn and improve. What makes machine learning stand out is the fact that computers are able to ‘learn and improve’ on their own and not have to be programmed and re=programmed. Machine learning is concerned […]

The Rise of Open Banking: How Big Data Is Changing Fintech


Open banking – Is it a revolution or an evolution for fintech and the financial industry? Open banking has transformed the way we use and interact with our finances. Open banking offers financial institutions the unique opportunity to give bespoke services. Such services can be developed with the help of efficient data analysis from a […]