Digital transformation is an increasing trend for businesses outside the tech industry. The increased use of emerging technology has resulted in clients and customers adopt to digital strategies. Similarly, cloud computing has become a revolutionary concept in IT and Telecom, reshaping their business models and service offerings. As the speed of internet-data increase, IT companies identified the opportunities in the internet-enabled utility model resulting in cloud computing to produce a SPI model compromising of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, pushing telecom companies to follow this new, promising model to allow their clients provide their end users the ultimate customer experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a great example of how the cloud agenda has shifted from a requirement to an urgent need. Enterprises are now recognizing that “the cloud” is their way to scalable opportunities, cost-effective infrastructure, and a strong competitive advantage. Unexpected events can put organizations in a tough spot, since scaling up digital operations and network connectivity cannot be done overnight.

Start small, think big!

Telco businesses need to understand the complexity of adopting to the cloud and is not a transformation that is to be rushed into. Even some of the largest industry icons are figuring their path through their own cloud journeys. Expand the hierarchy of your business to find out where in your business the cloud will work best.

Using the cloud to go the extra mile

Once you have successfully implemented phases of your cloud migration, the rest falls into place.

As a telco business, cloud services help reduce operational costs dramatically due to the absence of immense hardware and software telco service providers require. Entrepreneurs and businesses need to identify that even the smallest adaptation of “the cloud” can result in a much bigger, transformative benefit, changing the way you operate and manage your business.

Advantages of cloud computing for CSP's. How cloud computing can help with digital transformation for telcos.

If you are a telecom provider looking to make the absolute most of the evolving industry trends through digital transformation, our cloud engineers at Axiata Digital Labs will assist you every step of the way with the latest technologies and functionalities of cloud technology.

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