Data Analytics and AI

Unleash the true potential of your organization by reinforcing the people, processes and technology with advanced Analytics & AI solutions of Axiata Digital Labs.

Value creation at the lab

ADL has a wide range of complementary AI and Analytics solutions to address critical business needs.

Our expertise in sophisticated AI and analytics infrastructure allows you to design the ideal blueprint for your organization.

Partner with our world-class Managed Services team to ensure a seamless integration with your existing systems.

Reinvention of our solutions to meet the market trends allowing you to stay ahead of the competition

Transform your organization with the same professionals that are driving the analytics & AI initiatives at the Axiata Group and its subsidiaries.

The international awards and accolades that ADL has won represents the impact created by ADL in Analytics and AI field.

Data Analytics & AI Solution Offerings

AI Factory

Develop AI solutions employing minimal effort with ADL’s AI Factory that is equipped to drive business value by lowering the skill barrier and resource costs

Next Best Action Model

Optimize targeted marketing based on customer behaviour by analyzing data generated from critical customer touchpoints.

Credit Score Engine

Identify insights from multiple data sources to produce creditworthiness & assessment of customers.

Customer Intelligence Platform

Customer intelligence platform allow the organization to develop the capability required to stay on top of the key customer metrices that translate to company turnover.

Fraud Engine

Adopt the ability to track fraudulent transactions so that the system can block the transactions or the users in the relevant systems.

Virtual NPS

Derive root causes driving NPS outcome based on the information available, allowing the organization to identify key contributors to revenue and cost drivers.

Household model

Develop the ability to understand and Influence decision makers by analyzing data within a household facilitated through connected devices.

Video Analytics 

Utilize video analytics technologies to use real time video captures for the benefit of the business such as better customer understanding and satisfaction.

Virtual Assistant

Enhance your operations with our AI powered virtual assistance that supports multiple languages with the ability to identify the customer sentiments and mimic customer support operators

Inkognito – A data anonymization platform

Automate data anonymization through an administrator portal to align your business with the data protection regulations such as PDPA and GDPR.

Big data search and analytics tool

Derive customer attributes using various analytics tools and process them through big data technologies that allows you to represent the results graphically for decision making.

Big Data Blueprint Implementation and monitoring

Enable to accelerate the big data journey with reference architecture implementation rightsized for business, turnkey engineered solutions, and best-in-class software and hardware tools.

Big Data DevOps

Our Big Data DevOps solution provides an on premise/remote, experienced DevOps team which provides operation, and maintenance support.

Digital Twin

Empower your marketing team with the ability to frequently interact with the customer and gain a better understanding of customer profiles for targeted marketing campaigns.

Sales Operations Center

Store, analyze and monitor critical sales data sets that provides insight necessary to optimize the sales function and its processes.

Project Nexus

Empower the management with a 360-degree view of the organization’s productivity levels based on key metrices highlighted by the organization.

Customer Churn Prediction

Stay ahead of the problem by deriving meaningful information with regards to customer churn that allows the organization to address problems specific to customer segments.

Our Technology Partners

Relationships built with strategic partners based on values such as continuous improvement, Superior product delivery and customer understanding acts as the foundation for Advancing Digital Life

Our Client Partners

To deliver at the highest level on a continuous basis requires a deep level of understanding and a lasting relationship with our clients. At ADL, we have had the pleasure of working at that level with some of the front runners in digital transformation within the South Asian region.


Connect with an expert to understand how ADL can help kickstart your Digital Transformation journey.



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