FinTech Solutions

Enabling the digital transformation of the financial services landscape with groundbreaking technology and implementation expertise

ADL, over time, has developed the capabilities necessary to build FinTech platforms that encapsulate both functionality and design in one place to provide the ideal solution to its clients and end users in the financial services sector. Our vision for the sector is to usurp entrenched traditional financial services by being nimbler and help consumers navigate the congested and often confusing world of finance.

Exposure from brands such as eZ Cash, Genie, Star points etc., has given the team the kind of learning experience that allows them to maintain very high standards of quality and build a platform that truly delivers on its promises to the end users.

FinTech Solution Offerings

A collection of customizable fintech products that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services provided under one umbrella

Savings and Investments

Digital savings
Goal-based saving
Child investment
Fixed deposits

Payment Services

Digital Payments
Secure QR payments
Payment Hub
Offers and Promos

Mobile money and Lending

Mobile Money
Digital Lending
Micro loan/Quick loan
Device Loan

Support Products

Open banking API
Core banking integration
Digital KYC
CRM integration

External Market Integrations

Mutual Funds

Our Technology Partners

Relationships built with strategic partners based on values such as continuous improvement, Superior product delivery and customer understanding acts as the foundation for Advancing Digital Life

Our Client Partners

To deliver at the highest level on a continuous basis requires a deep level of understanding and a lasting relationship with our clients. At ADL, we have had the pleasure of working at that level with some of the front runners in digital transformation within the South Asian region.


Connect with an expert to understand how ADL can help kickstart your Digital Transformation journey.



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