What I learnt during my internship #atthelab

Being an innovative software service provider is only possible if our clients are able to use the digital solutions on time. I believe project management is a key aspect for the success of any business. I have been interested in both project management and data science for a long time and have always been curious the role technology plays in the everyday life, so I thought to take a step back and get involved in the management and development of technology.


The internship program #atthelab gave me the opportunity to explore my interests well in both worlds – project management and data science. I currently am pursuing the final stages of at the University of Jaffna where I pursued a BSc (Hons) in Computer Engineering and decided to begin my internship as it is the first step in becoming a professional.


The six-month internship experience was an unforgettable experience, opening doors to new challenges and allowed me to build my network while also working with a team of trained professionals.

Here's a little about my experience...

Firstly, at ADL you’ll always be welcome. All newbies are treated to a great welcome pack with a lot of fun and essential items. At ADL you will always be surrounded by teams consisting of talented and passionate people making it a learning experience throughout. As a project management intern for the AI and analytics practice, I was able to be a part of several interesting projects such as the:
Welcome Pack
  • Evapotranspiration Machine Learning
  • Dialog Sales Operations Center
  • Big data Blueprint – the main platform for big data solutions created off the business needs of #thelab.

The monthly internal, Axiata wide tech talks and external tech talks such as ‘The Podium’ were also a key part of my experience allowing me to further enhance my skills, qualities, experience and knowledge.


I also need to take this opportunity to mention the certifications that the ADL Internship Program offered. Through my internship, I was also able to obtain my verification certification in:

  • AWS Cloud Technical Essentials
  • Introduction to data science.

Company Culture

Firstly, at ADL you always feel welcome. You’re welcomed with a great welcome pack that is filled with fun goodies.

Working at ADL is a whole new experience and not something I would forget. The work environment and the culture are brought alive no matter where you’re working from. Whether you’re working from the home, office, or anywhere around the world, ADL always makes it a positive experience. Everyone on the team seeks to continuously grow and improve while also helping you grow.

It’s the small thoughts that counts.

The culture at ADL helps you commemorate and experience the special days in life. For instance, international women’s day was celebrated in a touching way, by sending all the women #atthelab a unique gift pack, making us feel more valued and appreciated.

Flexible working hours and health benefits are only the tip of the iceberg.

Would you recommend the ADL Internship Program?

Without a doubt!

The internship program #atthelab is the right place to start your career in tech. By interning at a company like Axiata Digital Labs you are exposed to a lot of different activities, both in and out of your comfort zone, and this is what I think makes the program unique. This allows you to work with different teams, and different cultures and build your global network. Not forgetting the opportunity to work with some of the leading- and cutting-edge technologies.

If you’re an enthusiastic and upbeat individual looking to kick start your tech career, look no further, the ADL Internship program is the place to start.


JOIN #thelab

It’s all happening #atthelab. If you like to be a part of our trailblazing family, tell us about yourself, we’d love to hear from you!




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