Cloud Computing & Infrastructure Services

Cloud Computing and Infrastructure Services

Cloud computing and infrastructure services have revolutionized the way businesses manage their data and applications, offering scalable and cost-effective solutions for IT infrastructure. In this article, we will explore the technical benefits and drawbacks of cloud computing and infrastructure services, and how Axiata Digital Labs can assist businesses in optimizing their cloud infrastructure.  Benefits of […]

Digital Transformation with Cloud Technology


Digital transformation is an increasing trend for businesses outside the tech industry. The increased use of emerging technology has resulted in clients and customers adopt to digital strategies. Similarly, cloud computing has become a revolutionary concept in IT and Telecom, reshaping their business models and service offerings. As the speed of internet-data increase, IT companies […]

Cloud Computing for CSPs and Telcos – The Basics

Cloud Computing and Storage Services at ADL

Up until a few years ago, cloud computing for communication service providers (CSPs) and telcos were unheard of. However today, cloud computing is common phrase across industries, with enterprises investing heavily on infrastructure on site to store, access, analyze and interpret their data for future business improvements. Moving into the 21st century, we see an […]