Digital Transformation with Cloud Technology


Digital transformation is an increasing trend for businesses outside the tech industry. The increased use of emerging technology has resulted in clients and customers adopt to digital strategies. Similarly, cloud computing has become a revolutionary concept in IT and Telecom, reshaping their business models and service offerings. As the speed of internet-data increase, IT companies […]

Celcom Life 3.0

Celcom Life 3.0

Our client, Celcom Axiata, is one of Malaysia’s leading Communication Service Providers and has been a vanguard of digital transformation with its trailblazing use of emerging technologies while shaping consumer expectations in Malaysia. With over 33 years of experience in the telecom industry, Celcom boasts a subscriber base of 14 million and operates over 11,000 […]

Digital Transformation with Agile Technology

Digital Transformation at ADL

Axiata Digital Labs uses the latest technology to accelerate our client’s digital transformation strategy.  Our client, Dialog Axiata PLC is a subsidiary of the Axiata Group Berhad and is Sri Lanka’s leading quad-play connectivity provider and is the market leader of the mobile telecommunications sector with 14 million customers. Our client’s market presence and robust […]

Digital Transformation for CSPs – What is it all about?

Digital Transformation at ADL

Going digital’ has been a trend many businesses across industries have jumped on board with as it allows them to reach a larger audience. With everyone staying home and being online, how can businesses providing telecommunication services and in the telco industry apply and benefit from ‘going digital’? With the global pandemic pushing businesses to […]


AXP platform

The AXP platform allows Mobile Network Operators to leverage existing infrastructure, implement additional revenue streams and remain relevant in the digital age.

Awakening 5G Technology – The CSP Collaboration Framework


Axiata Digital Labs launches Phase II of the CSP Collaboration Framework – A step closer to 5G technology We are participating in the industry renowned Catalyst program – hosted by TM Forum. Namal Jayathilake, Vice President of Engineering & Emerging Technology #atthelab, will present the Proof-of-Concept (POC) catalyst program that focuses on applying digitally transformative […]

TM Forum Catalyst Award Winner

TM Forum Catalyst Award Win

ADL led a team from Robi, Dialog, Huawei, Ericsson, Appitum Technologies and Deutsche Telekom on the Catalyst Project: “App Trading Marketplace: A Framework for CSP Collaboration Catalyst project”. Phase 1 of the project clinched the award for Outstanding Use of TM Forum assets at TM Forum Digital Transformation 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Learn more […]

Why is Digital Transformation Important?


Digital Transformation is the gradual progress of organizations, businesses, communities and individuals steadily shifting towards wholly digitalized processes and environments – with the aim of  leveraging digital technologies – in a strategic manner that takes into consideration and answers to past, present and the future concerns of that entity.     Digital Transformation takes into […]