Uresh Duminduwardena – The Digital Leader


Introducing Uresh Duminduwardena, the Vice President – Engineering, Platforms & Products: Digital Core #atthelab and a technology leader with over 19 years of experience. He is an industry professional and a researcher, a visiting lecturer, and the author of multiple IEEE publications and journals. Upon his graduation from the University of Colombo, Uresh spent two […]


ADL Leadership Team

Our Board of Directors We dream big. We invent bigger. And most importantly, we often do what many thought was impossible. Dr Hans Wijayasuriya Chairman, Axiata Digital Labs Corporate EVP/Regional CEO, South Asia, Axiata Group Berhad ​ Vivek Sood Director, Axiata Digital Labs ​Group Chief Financial Officer, Axiata Group Berhad Anthony Rodrigo Director, Axiata Digital […]