AI and Telco’s


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer considered an “emerging” technology as it is widely used across a variety of industries. May it be the banking and financial sector, industrial sector, the educational, the telecommunications sector, AI is being applied at an increasing rate, allowing businesses to improve the user experience (UX) for their customers. In […]

Axiata Digital Labs Featured in Arteculate.Asia

Thushera Kawdawatta CEO of ADL

ADL was recently featured in Arteculate.Asia in the story, “Inside Axiata Digital Labs: Enabling Digital Transformations for the 5th Industrial Revolution“. An excerpt from the article: “The fifth industrial revolution will be defined by personalisation. It will be made possible through mass network collaboration, a collaboration of human and machines/things, big data & AI, and […]


Axiata Digital Labs

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ADL Embarks on a Successful Journey as Digital Service Provider


AXIATA Digital Labs Embarks on a Successful Journey as Digital Service Provider AXIATA Digital Labs (ADL), a subsidiary of the AXIATA Group, Berhad, Malaysia has emerged as a groundbreaking digital start-up providing optimal digital solutions, primarily to AXIATA Group. ADL was launched on the 1st of January 2019 and celebrated its first anniversary in 2020. […]


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