Who we are

ADL is your technology partner, driving global digital excellence

As a pioneering force in the digital realm, we proudly stand as the foremost global leader, offering cutting-edge and inventive solutions. Our acclaimed status is reinforced by a team of over 1300 highly skilled engineers and tech professionals, renowned for their expertise. With our ever-expanding global workforce, you have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of experts, shaping your digital future, unraveling unexplored possibilities, and revolutionising the concept of digital transformation.

Get in touch with our 1300+ growing global team to sculpt your digital future, unlock new horizons, and redefine digital transformation.

Catalyst for Innovation

1200 +
Dynamic Global Team
250 Million
users digitally enabled
60 % Faster
20 % Savings
on Development Costs

Our Core Competencies

Leading the Future of Telecommunications

With a decade of hands-on experience, ADL is a leader in Telecom Solutions. Our dedicated team excels in Telco BSS and OSS, prioritizing Customer Satisfaction. Originating from the telecom sector, we bring transformative capabilities in Telco to Techco transformations, navigating industry complexities with expertise.

Financial Technology (FinTech) Innovations

Embark on a future-focused finance journey with ADL’s cutting-edge Fintech offerings. Our comprehensive suite empowers businesses with secure, scalable solutions, fostering financial inclusivity. From digital wallets to SME banking, it’s the ultimate FinTech solution for staying ahead in the digital age.

Enterprise Solutions for Diverse Industries

ADL is your go-to for user-friendly Enterprise Solutions across industries. Our experienced team delivers advanced solutions, boosting efficiency in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more. Partner with ADL to unlock your business’s full potential, setting new standards for tech excellence and lasting growth.

Our Product Suite

Axonect Product Suite

Axonect offers a suite of enterprise digital transformation products that seamlessly connect northbound and southbound systems. By leveraging Axonect’s cost-effective products, enterprises can become agile digital service providers and quickly launch new services with faster time-to-market, reduce operational costs, and optimize their operations, leading to a more efficient and effective footprint. Axonect empowers businesses to enhance the overall customer experience, while enabling them to stay ahead of evolving business needs. Transform your business journey with our technologies. 

Our Collaborative Alliances: Unleashing Innovation and Growth

We have established strong partnerships with leading technology bodies and industry pioneers, empowering us to design, develop and deliver innovative solutions and offer unmatched value to our clients.

Awards and Recognition

Our commitment to delivering exceptional technology solutions has been acknowledged by prestigious accolades, reinforcing our position as a trusted and leading technology solutions provider.

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