Delivering Secure and Continuous Innovation with DevSecOps. 


Elevate your security with our comprehensive approach and dive into robust security testing, covering Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Penetration Testing, pre-emptively identifying, and resolving vulnerabilities. You can also level up your defence against evolving cyber threats by deploying tailor-made advanced security solutions that perfectly align with your business needs. Integrate security into your development lifecycle with ease, ensuring software delivery that’s both secure and efficient while being compliant with ISO 27001 and PCI DSS standards through our expert advisory services.

Why do clients choose ADL?

Create and deploy sophisticated security for your assets.

We can support you to specially devise and implement comprehensive security strategies to safeguard your assets, encompassing your infrastructure, systems, and invaluable data. 

Security Assessments

Assessing your current security posture can be complex but we can help you to evaluate the security of your existing data, systems and infrastructure with powerful evaluation tools to derive your security posture status.

Attack Simulations and Red Team Reports

We equip you with the ability to simulate diverse cyber-attacks and exploits, providing you with Red Team reports to swiftly adapt your security measures to tackle the latest security threats.

Architecting Security Solutions

Let our experts help you architect the security measures of your organization by carefully analysing the requirements and crafting a security architecture which aligns perfectly with them.

DevSecOps Implementation Support

We offer seamless integration of DevSecOps into your organization, providing the necessary tools to swiftly and effortlessly implement DevSecOps practices, ensuring rapid and efficient adoption.

Training and Workshops

By partnering with us, you gain access to comprehensive training to secure your assets. Our expert team conducts regular training sessions and workshops, ensuring you always stay well-informed and up to date.

Strengthening Development through DevSecOps

At ADL, we believe that every organization needs their development platforms to be secured to ensure their systems aren’t compromised. To achieve this, we have built our DevSecOps platform with utmost care ensuring that you will never need to worry about your security again. 

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