IoT Device Streaming and Processing Solutions

A comprehensive IoT platform for seamless device and SIM management, offering automation, diagnostics, and top-notch security for efficient B2B IoT solutions.


Our business user friendly UI not only simplifies customer service & platform operations but also extends a range of self-service capabilities to your Enterprise customers truly empowering them to place orders, provision, monitor, troubleshoot, location-track, geo-fence & automate workflows in managing their IoT devices as well as SIM inventory.

Why do clients choose ADL?

IoT ecosystems often involve many devices with unique connectivity requirements. Our services provide a centralized platform for managing these devices, streamlining operations, and reducing complexity.

Future of IoT Connectivity Management

With our service you can onboard IoT customers with ease, centrally manage IoT device catalogue, SIM lifecycle & IoT applications while having access to multitude of dashboards to get insights, monitor & diagnose remote connections in near real time, with automations & notifications to optimize workflows & keep your costs in control.

Telco Grade Solution

Delivering a Telco Grade Solution with seamless systems integration, ready-to-use Telco adapters, optimized BSS alignment, high throughput performance, and robust security measures to prevent fraud.

Businesses Use Case Oriented UI

Empower businesses with a User Interface tailored for specific use cases, complemented by a dedicated marketplace for easy access to a variety of IoT solutions.

Full Control Over Costs & Assets

Gain complete control over costs and assets with a centralized management system for IoT assets, supported by automation for optimized cost control, and real-time monitoring for comprehensive oversight.

Ecosystem Support

Experience robust ecosystem support with open APIs, enabling seamless integration, and explore industry-specific solutions tailored to enhance your unique business requirements.

Revolutionizing IoT Connectivity Management
for a Connected Future

Our expert team is here to assist you in finding the ideal plan that aligns with your business objectives.

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