Microservices and API Based Integrations

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At ADL, we redefine the landscape of digital transformation with our sophisticated microservice and API-based integration services. Our commitment is to provide seamless, agile, and future-ready solutions that empower your business to thrive in the digital era. Leveraging the Axonect Enterprise Enabler (AEE) platform, we streamline complexities, enhance efficiency, and propel your organization a sustainable growth. 

Why do clients choose ADL?

ADL boasts a legacy in formulating and executing a diverse array of microservices-based API integrations across various scales. The bedrock of this prowess lies in the AEE platform, an entity that epitomizes adaptability, enabling tailored solutions for any organization. Our proficient team excels in navigating intricate and extensive API integrations, offering unparalleled consultation and solutioning to fulfil your diverse API integration requirements. 

Empowering Growth with Our Innovative Solutions

At ADL, we believe in turning challenges into opportunities. Our microservice and API-based integration solutions empower your business growth by 

Enhancing Agility

AEE's modular architecture and microservices enable agile development, making it easy to adapt to changing market demands.

Ensuring Scalability

With AEE's cloud-native technology stack, our solutions scale effortlessly, accommodating your business growth without compromising performance.

Facilitating Collaboration

Streamlined API integrations foster collaboration across your organization, ensuring seamless communication and data flow between systems.

Accelerating Innovation

AEE's pre-built Axonect Adaptors and accelerators speed up the development process, allowing you to innovate faster and stay ahead of the competition.

Redefine your future with retaining your past investments through API integrations and microservices.

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