Digitization of Processes Based on TMF ETOM Framework

Standardizing Business Processes for Telcos 


Understanding the value of standardization of processes to run efficient and agile digital enterprises, we at ADL have built a service using TM Forum Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (ETOM) to digitize the processes in your telco organization. ETOM is a framework defined by pioneers in the telco industry, to provide a comprehensive, industry-agreed, multi-layered view of the key business by providing a common language for use across departments, systems, partners and suppliers. By utilizing our digitization service, you would be able to achieve high levels of efficiency and reduce cost and risk of system implementation, integration and procurement. 

Why do clients choose ADL?

Streamline your business processes with us.

ADL aspires to be a leader in business transformation and help your organizations to thrive and lead in the competitive landscape. 

Process Mapping

We map out your existing business processes using the ETOM framework, identifying manual or inefficient steps that can be improved through digitization.

Pilot Implementations

We conduct pilot implementations of digitized processes to identify and address any issues before full-scale deployment, ensuring scalability to accommodate future growth and changes in business requirements.

Change Management Strategies

In a telco to techco transition, we help you to implement change management strategies to address the cultural shift by training stakeholders on the new digital processes to help them maximize the benefits within a shorter time frame.

Feedback Loops

Recognizing the importance of establishing mechanisms for continuous monitoring, evaluation, and improvement of digital processes, we employ feedback loops, performance metrics, and agility to adapt to evolving business needs.

Dedicated Product Lifecycle Support

We have a dedicated team to help with product lifecycle management which significantly reduces Time to Market by proficiently handling your product catalog configuration, testing, and go-live processes.

Reach the next level in your telco journey

With our Axonect product suite with cutting-edge products to cover the whole spectrum of business transformation, you can find unparalleled success in the realm of the competitive landscape.

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