Comprehensive Cloud Solutions

Elevate Your Business to New Heights with Our Cloud Services. 


Implement seamless public cloud solutions and comprehensive cloud managed services with our comprehensive cloud services. Our cloud expertise lies in providing adept cloud advisory, guiding your organizations through your digital transformation journey. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, we strive to empower your businesses to harness the full potential of cloud technologies without any compromises while our dedicated team ensures your organization has a smooth transition to the cloud environment, optimizing operations and enhancing scalability while maintaining security and compliance standards.

Why do clients choose ADL?

We help you cover the full spectrum of Cloud Services.

We have the knowledge, experience and the capability to support you with the end-to-end cloud service planning and deployment all the way from consultation to operations and support. 

Cloud Advisory

We facilitate comprehensive pre-cloud assessments and cost analyses, helping you to select optimal cloud providers and cloud strategies which perfectly suit your requirements.

Cloud Implementation

We support the planning and deployment of cloud architectures by helping you to provision, implement, validate, test, troubleshoot, backup, and secure your cloud resources.

Cloud Migration

With us, you can perform pre-cloud assessments and macro/micro analysis for cloud migrations, enabling you to deploy robust cloud security measures & implement of hybrid architectures.

Cloud Operations

We can help you with the design of cloud operations, pre-tested target operating models, and integrated tools for efficient cost optimization, security, and Identity and Access Management (IAM) operations.

Cloud Engineering

We provide you with accelerators for both cloud IaaS and PaaS, helping you to deploy multi-cloud orchestration, CI/CD integration as well as hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud Security

We offer expert consultation on compliance and security, assisting in the implementation of cloud security architectures, standards, policies, checklists, evaluation, and recommended security automation tools.

Get ready to transform your cloud to the next level with our cloud services.

Partner with us to co-develop your cloud requirements and achieve new heights in cloud optimizations and efficiency while having the freedom to choose any public cloud you want. 


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