Axiata Digital Labs Leads TM Forum Collaborative Catalyst Project – Transforms How CSPs Collaborate

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Axiata Digital Labs (ADL) today announced its participation in TM Forum’s renowned collaborative proof-of-concept Catalyst program focused on co-creating innovative solutions to important industry challenges leveraging key TM Forum best practices and standards.

ADL is participating in the App Trading Marketplace: a framework for CSP collaboration – Phase II, which will be showcased alongside other projects at TM Forum’s interactive Catalyst Digital Showcase which commenced online on 30th June, while the Digital Transformation World is set to be held on 17th October to 19th, and it’s virtual Digital Twin event is scheduled to run online at the same time as the live event.

The project demonstrates an end-to-end platform, which enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to collaborate and do business in innovative ways. The platform aligns with TM Forum Open Digital Architecture and Open APIs standards and empowers CSPs to embrace the Digital Platform Ecosystem Business and become digital champions by delivering new digital services and assets to their consumers and enterprise customers. It features extended use-cases, complexity, as well as partners and is focused on the B2B opportunity for enterprises and CSPs with 5G related use cases, whilst demonstrating how SD-WAN could be used to facilitate smart surveillance.

Phase 1 of the project demonstrated seamless partner onboarding, product onboarding, the configuration in the product catalog, and end-user consumption. Phase 1 won the gold award for Outstanding Use of TM Forum Assets at the Digital Transformation Asia in 2019.

This project is led by ADL together with five more technology players in the industry. On the operator side, the project is championed by Dialog Axiata and Robi Axiata.

TM Forum’s Catalyst program provides a unique collaborative environment where companies from around the globe work together to offer solutions to key industry challenges. At Digital Transformation World in October, over 30 Catalyst teams are scheduled to demonstrate their proof-of-concept work.

“The App Trading Marketplace prototypes, a framework for CSPs to optimally utilize their assets and innovate to solve their business problems as well as empower CSPs to collaborate and share their success with each other. Collaboration will lead to multiple cycles of innovation, two factor monetization of CSP assets enabling new revenue streams and growth,” said Namal Jayathilake, Vice President – Engineering and Emerging Technology, ADL. “Championed by Dialog Axiata and in close collaboration with the other participants, Phase II of the project leverages 5G technology to bring newer, more complex, use-cases for CSPs and Enterprises” he further added.

“Catalyst projects showcase the power of collaboration, bringing together a wide range of companies, industries and ecosystems not only in telecom but also in IoT, smart cities, smart energy, industrial manufacturing and more,” said John Gillam, Chief Digital Officer, TM Forum. “Championed by the world’s largest service providers, Catalyst projects accelerate innovation, prove the application of new technologies, validate standards and make many other valuable contributions to our industry.”

Over 145 different companies and hundreds of individuals participated in 34 Catalyst projects at Digital Transformation World 2019 in Nice. The projects included 5G use cases and monetization, IT and network transformation, applications of AI and blockchain, Open APIs, IoT, Digital Ecosystems and more.

About Axiata Digital Labs

Axiata Digital Labs places itself as an innovative software service provider, offering telco-focused digital and IT services and solutions that enable individuals, enterprises, associates and the society. With over 750 professionals spread across four countries, ADL helps global customers in the space of telecommunications, digital services and financial services. Its convergent digital design experiences, innovative platforms and reusable assets connect numerous technologies to deliver tangible business value and experience to customers.

Axiata Digital Labs is the technology hub of Axiata Group Berhad Malaysia, which is one of the leading groups in telecommunications in Asia with approximately 350 million subscribers in eleven countries with a staff of 27,000 and annual revenue of $ 5.8 billion. In pursuit of Axiata’s vision to be a ‘New Generation Digital Champion’ by 2020, Axiata Digital Labs positions itself as a key driver to deliver a range of innovative telecommunication products and services.

About TM Forum

TM Forum is an association of over 850 member companies, including ten of the world’s top ten communications service providers, that generate a combined US$2 trillion in revenue and serve five billion customers across 180 countries. We drive collaboration and collective problem-solving to maximize the business success of communication and digital service providers and their ecosystem of suppliers around the world. Today, our focus is on supporting members as they navigate their unique digital transformation journeys, providing practical and proven assets and tools to accelerate execution and platforms to facilitate collaborative problem solving and innovation. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Learn more at www.tmforum.org.