Axiata Digital Labs Announces First-Ever ADL AI Summit

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Colombo, Sri Lanka (13 September 2021) – Axiata Digital Labs, Sri Lanka’s most innovative digital transformation enabler, announces the launch of its first-ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics event, the ADL AI Summit.

Scheduled to take place from the 18th to the 25th of September, this virtual, three-part event is geared towards those looking to grasp the fundamentals of AI, learn how to apply AI real-world business problems, and hear directly from industry leaders in the field of AI. The AI Summit will consist of the AI Workshop, the AI Hackathon, and the AI Forum.

Taking place on the 18th of September, the AI Workshop is a virtual, hands-on, targeted at AI and Analytics enthusiasts to harness the power of AI and gain access to the data and tools needed to make their business goals a reality. This event will be followed by the AI Hackathon, a virtual, 24-hour event taking place from the 23rd of September where teams of 2-5 Data Scientists, AI Engineers, and others, will compete for over US$9000 in prizes by building end-to-end AI solutions that solve real-world business problems. Finally, the AI Forum will take place on the 25th of September and give all participants the chance to hear from the innovators and pioneers in the world of AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Data Analytics.

“AI will be a cornerstone of the 4th Industrial Revolution and those who know how to harness this power will be the ones to reap the most benefit,” said Thushera Kawdawatta, CEO of Axiata Digital Labs. “My team has designed a groundbreaking summit to bring together some of Asia’s most innovative pioneers in the field of AI to share their expertise and train the next generation of AI professionals. I want to extend my thanks to all our esteemed sponsors who partnered with us to make our first ever ADL AI Summit a success.”

“There is no industry that AI cannot augment and transform,” said Namal Jayathilake, Vice President of Engineering and Emerging Technology at Axiata Digital Labs. ““The three-part event, curated by the AI and Analytics team at ADL, is uniquely designed to transform the skills and knowledge of any data-driven, AI and ML professionals hungry for knowledge. I would like to commend my team for pulling together such an informative and educational event and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with all who participate.”

“As the head of the Analytics & AI practice at ADL, It is my great pleasure to host the first-ever ADL AI Summit 2021, accelerating digital transformation through Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Big data Analytics with industry experts and global giants in Southeast Asia,” said Shanika Amarasoma, Senior Principal Architect – Data Science & Engineering at Axiata Digital Labs. “This event will enable data science and engineering experts to learn and explore the latest AI and digital technologies, including the latest cloud platforms by bringing together industry experts to discuss the newest trends in AI and Cloud era. I look forward to everyone’s engagement to get the best out of the event to groom future technology leaders today.