Incident Response in Cyber Security

Incident Response in Cyber Security

Incident Response is a proactive approach that equips organizations to swiftly identify, mitigate, and recover from security incidents. Explore the strategies, methodologies, and best practices of Incident Response, offering valuable insights into how organizations can fortify their defenses and effectively respond to cyber threats.

Session 4 of this month’s Cyber Security Awareness Session delves into the critical subject of ‘Incident Response in Cyber Security’, exploring how to effectively manage and mitigate security incidents. Leading this insightful session was one of our own experts #atthelab, Lahiru Hewawasam, Lead – Global Cyber Security Operations.

This Webinar will cover:

  • What is Incident Response?
  • Shared Responsibility Model in The Cloud
  • Incident Response Framework
  • Preparation
  • Detection & Analysis
  • Containment, Eradication, and Recovery
  • Key Components of a Successful Incident Response
  • Importance of Threat Intelligence in Incident Response
  • Challenges & Best Practices

Recommended For:

  • University students
  • Cybersecurity Professionals
  • IT Managers
  • Security Analysts
  • Incident Response Teams
  • Network Administrators
  • System Administrators
  • IT Consultants
  • IT Auditors
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Information Security Officers
  • IT Students
  • Penetration Testers
  • Security Researchers

Presented by

Lahiru Hewawasam

Lead – Global Cyber Security Operations