Promoting Diversity, Driving Innovation: Axiata Digital Labs’ Commitment to Women’s Empowerment in the Tech Sector

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Today, fostering diversity and inclusion is of utmost importance for all organizations, regardless of industry. Why? It’s not just altruism. A report from the World Economic Forum revealed that companies with gender diversity in leadership outperform their competitors with a 48% higher operating margin, a 42% higher return on sales, and make better business decisions up to 73% of the time.  

At Axiata Digital Labs (ADL), empowering women goes beyond social responsibility, but a strategic imperative that propels our business toward resounding success. With the advent of ADL’s 3.0 3×3 strategy, a bold initiative aimed at achieving an extraordinary growth of $100 million by FY25, the significance of women employees in shaping the company’s journey is vital. We understand that providing a safe and inclusive atmosphere is essential in empowering women to unleash their full potential and excel in their skills and careers. 

Since our inception in 2019, we have prioritized the establishment of a nurturing work environment that encourages our female employees to thrive and contribute to the company’s success. A large component of this is our adherence to our core values of respect, integrity, and teamwork. By fostering transparency and engagement through open communication channels and encouraging a culture of innovation where all ideas are welcome, we are building a supportive environment for our team. 

Another key component of an inclusive is a flexible work model. Through our hybrid work arrangement, our employees have the freedom to choose how and when they work. Being able to elect their preferred work setting, whether it be the office, a café, or their homes, empowers and enables them to strike a healthy work-life balance.  

ADL has implemented strategic frameworks and leadership platforms to actively support the advancement of women in the tech industry. We prioritize gender-inclusive recruitment processes by emphasizing diverse interview panels and setting ambitious diversity Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Our goal is to achieve balanced gender representation, creating an environment where every employee has an equal opportunity to thrive. We uphold our values by providing equal opportunities for career growth and leadership roles, both within ADL and the wider industry. Our promotions are solely based on skills, performance, and potential, without any consideration of gender that might impede professional development. Currently, women hold 25% of our leadership positions, reflecting our commitment to promoting gender parity at all levels. 

At ADL, we place great importance on fostering a learning environment for all employees by providing them with ample opportunities for career development, leadership training, and soft skills programs. Through our digitized learning culture, encompassing workshops, seminars, online courses, and mentoring programs, we equip women with the essential skills needed to thrive in their chosen roles. The dedication and enthusiasm exhibited by our female team members towards their personal growth is evident with women accounting for 25% of the training hours at ADL. We are proud to foster an environment where women are actively engaged in their professional development, driving innovation and success within our organization. 

The CEO and senior leadership team at ADL also have a crucial role in promoting female empowerment within the industry. They initiate organizational programs designed to empower women, ensuring that female employees are provided with equal opportunities, transparent rewards, and a supportive environment to fully unleash their potential. ADL’s commitment to inclusive decision-making is evident with a representation of 14.23% of women on the senior leadership team. Regular assessments, feedback mechanisms, and learning journeys are implemented to maintain equal opportunities and sustain an inclusive culture. 

Planning for Inclusive Future 

Today, 35% of ADL’s workforce comprises women and this reflects our dedication to breaking gender barriers and ensuring equal opportunities for all. By cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce, ADL harnesses the distinct perspectives and talents of women, driving the company’s overreaching growth and success. By end of FY23, we aim to achieve a 50% female workforce for campus hiring and a 40% female workforce for lateral hiring.

Axiata Digital Labs is dedicated to nurturing future female leaders in the tech industry. ADL’s commitment to gender diversity and inclusion extends beyond the present, as it actively invests in building a pipeline of empowered female leaders who will shape the future of the tech industry by partnering with industry partners to build future leaders’ career guidance programs. We are also making significant strides to empower women in the community by actively participating in initiatives like our partnership with Hithawathi, an initiative that aims to create a secure online environment through education and support for individuals affected by cyber violations. 

At ADL, we want to be at the forefront of driving change by advocating for women in the industry and recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion. With our flexible and supportive ecosystem, structured processes, and inclusive policies, we empower women in tech and actively work towards achieving gender equality in everything that we do.  

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