Leading the Way in Child Online Safety: KidsSafe Triumphs at BestWeb.lk Awards 2023

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KidsSafe, an innovative online platform dedicated to promoting child online safety, proudly announces its success at this year’s prestigious BestWeb.lk Awards 2023. Axiata Digital Labs, the pioneering force behind KidsSafe, is elated to have been recognized in three significant categories, further cementing its commitment to a safer digital environment for the younger generation.

Launched as a corporate social responsibility initiative by Axiata Digital Labs, KidsSafe stands as a testament to Axiata Digital Labs’ unwavering dedication to fostering online safety awareness among parents and guardians. The platform’s engaging content and resources empower caregivers to navigate the digital landscape and ensure their children’s online experiences are safe and secure.

Left to Right: Mr. Lal Chandranath (Board of Directors, LK Domain Registry), Akalanka Bandara (Assistant Manager – Marketing, Axiata Digital Labs), Sandalika Madhumathi (Manager – Sustainability and Special Projects, Axiata Digital Labs) Deshan Liyanage (Manager – Global Process Excellence, Axiata Digital Labs), Gimhan Mello (Associate – Global Operations, Axiata Digital Labs) and Naveen Athukorala (Lead – Internal Marketing & Events, Axiata Digital Labs)

Left to Right: Prof. Malik Ranasinghe (Chairman, ICTA), Akalanka Bandara (Assitant Manager – Marketing, Axiata Digital Labs), Chamini Mahavithana (Manager – Marketing, Axiata Digital Labs), Prof. Gihan Dias (Domain Registrar, LK Domain Registry) Sandalika Madhumathi (Manager – Sustainability and Special Projects) and Nithish De Silva (Lead – Marketing & Corporate Communications)

Thushera Kawdawatta, CEO of Axiata Digital Labs, commented, “As technology continues to shape the world, ensuring the safety of our little ones becomes paramount. KidsSafe exemplifies our commitment to leveraging digital platforms for a positive impact. These awards underscore the importance of our mission and our collective responsibility to safeguard future generations from cyber threats.”

KidsSafe achieved remarkable success at the BestWeb.lk Awards, earning recognition across three categories. Awards won include the Gold Award for the ‘Best Corporate Social Responsibility Website’, Most Popular Website Award in the ‘Best Corporate Social Responsibility Website’ Category and the Silver Award for the ‘Overall’ Category, reflecting the impact within the community.

The accolades achieved by KidsSafe highlights Axiata Digital Labs’ commitment to the sustainability framework, placing emphasis on driving positive change through technology. This achievement stands as a testament to the organization’s on going efforts to create a safer and more responsible digital ecosystem for future generations.

As the digital landscape evolves and new challenges emerge, KidsSafe remains steadfast in its mission to provide parents and guardians with the tools and knowledge needed to protect their children in a digital space. Axiata Digital Labs continues its relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in the realm of digital safety and responsibility.

For more information about KidsSafe and it’s initiatives, visit https://kidssafe.lk/

About KidsSafe

KidsSafe is an initiative by Axiata Digital Labs dedicated to providing valuable insights, resources and guidance to parents and guardians to ensure the safety of their children in the digital world. Through informative articles, tips and tools, KidsSafe aims to empower the public with the knowledge needed to navigate the digital landscape and foster a secure online environment for the younger generation.

For more information, visit https://kidssafe.lk/

About Axiata Digital Labs

Founded in 2019, Axiata Digital Labs is an innovative software service provider offering telco-focused digital and IT services and solutions that enable individuals, enterprises, and society. With over 1300 professionals spread across 3 countries, ADL helps global customers in the space of telecommunications, digital services & financial services.  

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