ADL bags first-ever Open Gateway Challenge GLOMO Award at MWC 2024

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Axiata Digital Labs (ADL) has achieved a notable win at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain – the Open Gateway Challenge GLOMO Award. This recognition is a result of our outstanding work in the METASTAGE project, a collaborative effort with Dialog Axiata PLC and PT XL Axiata Tbk. 

The award, part of the Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO), acknowledges companies using the GSMA Open Gateway framework to create significant value in their industry. It reflects ADL’s commitment to innovation and shaping the future of digital technology. 

In the METASTAGE project, powered by our Axonect Enterprise Enabler, we utilized GSMA Open Gateway APIs to streamline integration across two operators. The concert, hosted by Dialog (Sri Lanka) and XL (Indonesia), served as a proof-of-concept, showcasing the potential in GSMA’s Open Gateway initiative to engage diverse customers globally and generate new revenue opportunities for operators. 

Challenges addressed by the project 

Axiata Group, with an extensive and diverse subscriber base across six Asian nations, encountered typical telco industry hurdles. Prioritizing engaging subscribers, delivering innovative and immersive experiences in the Metaverse, and creating fresh revenue streams are crucial objectives in today’s evolving market dynamics for CSPs. The primary challenge was to enhance customer engagement by offering experiences beyond standard services.  

Additionally, there is a secondary challenge of generating revenue through sustainable business models, capitalizing on the rising popularity of online events to tap into emerging advertising markets and foster a new revenue stream. This approach not only enhances brand visibility for strategic advertising partners but also unlocks a new monetization opportunity.  

Overall, navigating this dynamic online landscape goes beyond mere customer engagement, emphasizing the need for strategic innovation. Dialog and XL embraced this challenge to enhance customer experiences and position themselves as Metaverse entertainment innovators, aiming for sustainable growth and revenue while recognizing the transformative role of this new platform in shaping consumer interactions. 

The Solution

MetaStage, a revolutionary music concert powered by Axiata Digital Labs’ Axonect Enterprise Enabler, utilizes GSMA Open Gateway APIs to streamline integration across two operators, addressing a challenge faced by Axiata Group. Hosted by Dialog (Sri Lanka) and XL (Indonesia), the concert serves as a proof-of-concept, highlighting the vast potential of GSMA’s Open Gateway initiative to engage diverse customers across borders while creating new revenue streams for operators.  

The solution features multiple metaverse frames for each region, incorporating advertising spaces such as the concert arena lobby and interactive elements like a discount spin wheel. This dual-use strategy boosts revenue and ensures a sustainable business model, particularly amidst low customer adoption.  

The solution includes both a viewer portal and an advertiser portal. The viewer portal displays upcoming shows with brief introductions and trailers (if available), allowing users to reserve tickets after verifying their location eligibility. Users receive notifications two hours before the concert to remind them and grant access to the arena. The advertiser portal showcases the event calendar, expected audience, audience segmentation, and available advertising space with pricing for each concert. Advertisers can onboard, make payments, and upload creatives based on specifications for each advertising space. 

Built upon Axonect Enterprise Enabler, the solution leverages several Open Gateway APIs, including: 

  • OTP Validation: Employed as a security measure, this API ensures user authentication and validation during the registration process for event tickets. 
  • Device Location Verification: Used to confirm viewers’ geographic locations, this API enables MetaStage to tailor the viewing experience by displaying region-specific content and advertising. 
  • Carrier Billing Check-out: Streamlining the payment process, this API eliminates the requirement for credit cards or traditional payment gateways. It offers users a convenient payment option where ticket costs are billed directly to their Dialog or XL accounts. 

Project Outcome and Business value created 

MetaStage offers significant business value that extends beyond just an entertaining virtual event. By introducing Sri Lanka’s first metaverse entertainment experience, Dialog not only engaged their existing customer base but also attract new customers looking for innovative entertainment experiences. In demonstrating their commitment to innovation and unique customer experiences, Dialog positions themselves as market leader, giving them an edge over competitors.  

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Axiata Digital Labs to bring new and exciting opportunities to our customers,” said Viranga Seneviratne, Senior General Manager – Ideamart, Dialog Axiata. “The success of Dialog MetaStage is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation, and we look forward to working with Axiata Digital Labs to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the mobile industry.”

Through MetaStage, Dialog and XL successfully demonstrated a sustainable new revenue model. By offering their advertising partners with an opportunity to significantly boost their online brand presence, Dialog and XL unlocked a lucrative opportunity to monetize their expanded online footprint. 

“Axiata Digital Labs’ Axonect Enterprise Enabler platform has provided us with the tools we need to innovate and stay ahead of the curve in the mobile industry,” said Yessie D Yosetya, Director & Chief Digital Transformation & Enterprise Business Officer, XL Axiata. “Together with Axiata Digital Labs, we have been able to deliver a world-class concert experience to our customers, and we are excited to continue working together to develop new services and experiences that leverage the power of mobile technology.” 

Hosting a virtual event accessible to attendees across Sri Lanka and Indonesia breaks down geographical barriers. This not only enhances Axiata’s brand visibility but also expands the potential customer base. The metaverse offers a borderless environment for interactions, and Dialog’s Futureverse platform enables users to create avatars and engage with MetaStage attendees in both Sri Lanka and Indonesia fostering a sense of community and connection, crucial in a digital age. 

By being the first commercial application of GSMA Open Gateway, ADL, Dialog and XL demonstrate their dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements through open standards. This dedication to innovation can lead to strategic partnerships, increased investment, and opportunities for further technological advancements.  

Winning the GLOMO Award

ADL CTO, Namal Jayathilake, and ADL CEO, Thushera Kawdawatta, receive the GLOMO Award at GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

As the first commercial application of GSMA Open Gateway, ADL demonstrates a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements through open standards. This dedication to innovation opens doors to potential strategic partnerships, increased investment, and opportunities for further technological progress. 

The GLOMO Award recognizes ADL’s excellence, underscoring our commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of possibility in the digital realm. This achievement highlights not just technological prowess but also a steadfast dedication to delivering exceptional experiences to consumers on a global scale. 

GSMA’s Open Gateway initiative aims to democratize access to network operator APIs via the Linux Foundation’s CAMARA project. As the inaugural recipient of the Open Gateway Challenge GLOMO Award, ADL’s commitment to innovation and collaboration underscores its pivotal role in driving transformative change within the industry.