Demystifying ChatGPT

Demystifying ChatGPT

Session 11 of this month’s tech talk, ‘The Podium’ touched upon an interesting topic in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) – ‘Demystifying ChatGPT’ and was carried out by one of our very own experts #atthelab, Isuru Alagiyawanna, a Data Scientist working with the AI practice at Axiata Digital Labs.

This Webinar will cover:

  • Ideology of Generative AI and NLP
  • History of Natural Language Processing
  • The Climax of Deep Learning: Attention Is All You Need
  • Large Language Models
  • Open AI and HuggingFace
  • Evolution of GPT
  • Why ChatGPT is so Good?
  • Future of ChatGPT

Recommended For:
University students

  • AI & ML experts & enthusiasts
  • IT enthusiasts
  • Software Engineers
  • Data Engineers
  • Architects
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • IT Professionals

Presented by

Isuru Alagiyawanna

Data Scientist

Isuru Alagiyawanna is a skilled and experienced professional with a strong background in electronic and telecommunications engineering from the University of Moratuwa. He also holds multiple certifications in from Amazon Web Services, deeplearning.ai, the University of Michigan, IBM, and AMII.