How to Architect a Platform Business

Architecting a Platform Business Webinar

Session 9 of this month’s tech talk, ‘The Podium’ touched upon an interesting topic in the field of software engineering and architecture – ‘How Architect a Platform Business’ and was carried out by one of our very own experts #atthelab, Senthuran Nallainathan, a Tech Lead working with the Software Engineering practice at Axiata Digital Labs.

Quality Assurance helps enterprises maintain their quality standards through vigorous testing and carrying out best practices. This will assist organizations to focus on the priority objective of running their businesses while the QA teams maintain the product’s status quo providing the customers with the ability to seamlessly interact with the business and digital services.

This Webinar will cover:

  • Primary goals to set when architecting a platform business
  • Key Methodologies behind it
  • How to establish an initial relationship and the importance of clear explanations
  • Why understanding the requirements first is critical
  • Steps when building architecturally sound solutions
  • Guide to providing solutions
  • Cost-wise effort planning
  • Why you need to Lead and not Manage
  • How to overcome the ‘Divorce’ that happens during delivery
  • Key takeaways

Recommended For:
University students

  • IT enthusiasts
  • Software Engineers
  • Data Engineers
  • Architects
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • IT Professionals

Presented by

Senthuran Nallainathan

Tech Lead – Software Engineering

Senthuran Nallainathan is a highly qualified and experience tech lead software engineer #atthelab, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security from the University of Gloucestershire. He completed his PGD in IT at the British Computer Society and obtained his MBA from the University of West London and he is also currently reading his Ph.D in ICT.