Igniting Digital Transformation Across Indonesia: ADL’s Vision Forward

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The prevailing conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic has casued restrictions on community activities, have intensified discussions surrounding digital transformation, digital business, and the imperative to minimize human contact. Chandima Wijekoon, Country Director for Indonesia and an Associate Vice President of Axiata Digital Labs (ADL), highlights how the pandemic has brought digital transformation to the forefront of social consciousness.

“While many businesses still operate manually, the discourse around digital transformation has gained momentum” he explains. This has led to widespread discussion on digital business and IT practices. Chandima aspires for comprehensive digital transformation throughout Indonesia, recognizing that this shift has primarily taken place in major cities thus far.

Adding to that vision, Chandima also aims to extend the digital journey to other regions, as it holds the potential for economic and social advancement. “Digital transformation offers advantages in terms of time efficiency and productivity. However, it’s crucial to comprehend the tools and resources employed. Understanding your business, its contextual nuances, and how to generate value through digital transformation is paramount,” he emphasized further.

Chandima underscores the need to cultivate interesting IT and digital among the Indonesian populace, enabling the country’s human resources to compete globally, similar to the significant contribution of Indian professionals in the worldwide IT industry.