The Single Retailer App

Ncell Axiata is a telecommunication service provider in Nepal and is a pioneer in digital transformation, transforming the lives of customers with the latest in emerging technology. Ncell has expanded their services across the country, minimizing the digital divide with a sophisticated and experienced team. Ncell has now secured over 16.6 million subscribers, making our client, Ncell the largest telco provider in Nepal.

Our client required a simple, bilingual, user friendly and automated solution to allow retailers better manage their business activities and interactions with customers. The solution also required the ability for our client to track, monitor and manage retailers as they see fit.

The Challenge

A lack of integration between online and mobile channels made for a disjointed user experience. Subscribers also faced the difficulty of in app navigation, pushing our client’s customer away. Such customer experiences can result in losing business. As a result, our client searched for an end-to-end application and a leader and experienced partner to help embark and guide this digital transformation journey.

Our client required a simple solution, supported by all mobile operating systems for retailers embarking on a digital transformation journey. The technicians were now faced with the challenge of building an application, virtually in less than 4 months for a user base of 60,000 while integrating processes our client lacked such as a host for microservices and common sharing platforms. In addition, alternative solutions were also required for features what were not readily API enabled while OCR needed to be implemented for the identification of documents in different languages.

The Solution

Axiata Digital Labs proposed a hybrid cloud-based application for our clients existing Point of Sales application as part their digital transformation process.

Ncell engaged the tech arm of the Axiata group, Axiata Digital Labs and together with Bottle Technologies we were able to develop the Single Retailer Application. The application aims to create a better digital experience making it easier for users to carry out core business functionalities such as eRecharging, SIMsales and pack sales together with a seamless registration process alongside an Electronic Know Your Customer (EKYC) and eTop Up. Working with ADL, Ncell was able to create stronger integrations between retailers and customers, benefiting our client, the retailers, and their customers. A new facial recognition and digital fingerprint scanner means that users of the application are guaranteed with enhanced security and allows registered users logged in to avoid re-entering log in details.

In addition, Ncell included numerous enhancements that made the registration process of retailers much more convenient. In addition, Ncell included numerous enhancements that made the registration process of retailers much more convenient. Such enhancements also led to our client to incorporate microservices and shared platforms at scale for the first time, with the Digital Telco Enabler (DTE) being used to host microservices and the Google Cloud platform used to manage services.

A key feature in the latest solution was the ‘Campaign Box’ module. An in-built, fully fledged, and flexible solution with a gamification engine to create campaigns defined by custom KPI’s. With ‘Campaign Box’ our client can identify achievements in real time and identify winners of respective KPI based campaigns, offering a new, digital experience on a regular basis.

Today the Single Retailer Application allows our client, users and customers of the application to help identify and benefit from a simple and easy to use platform for the running of day to day business activities.

The Benefit

By incorporating the skills, knowledge and expertise from Axiata Digital Labs, boost technologies and Ncell, the Single Retailer application is bringing all of the retailers operations to their fingertips, creating a seamless digital transformation.

Today, retailers are able to switch seamlessly between mobile applications and UUSD/SMS channels and still have the same data, giving them the flexibility to complete their day to day business activities on the go.

Features of the Single Retailer Application:

  • A bilingual option, allowing users to clearly understand and use all the features of the application.
  • In-app customer service options for:
    • SIM Activation
    • SIM Change
    • Reloads
    • VAS Activations
  •  Streamlined and user-friendly app interface
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)option to scan and capture details on a selected set of identification documents.
  • A GPS based geofence will allow our client to govern and control retailers based on their location. A user-friendly dashboard providing reports, notifications modules.

Application Statistics

Benefits to Ncell

  1. Enhanced Competitive Advantage – Ability to expand your retailer base while boosting customer loyalty with added features.
  2. Eco-friendly Solution – Eliminates the need of the traditional, paper-based application and management system. Lowers the risk of loosing documents.
  3. Reduced Costs – Lowered management and operational cost
  4. New Revenue Streams – A variety of added services that allow Ncell to expand their customer base for the Single Retailer application.
  5. Accelerated Customer Engagement – Improvements to the dashboards allow to ensure effective communication between retailers, other registered users and operative staff.

With the all-new Single Retailer application we aim to allow provide a seamless digital experience to our client and the users of the application. Furthermore, we #atthelab will continue to improve the application to match the growing trends in mobile applications and developments, allowing our client to stand out and lead the way in digital transformation through mobile developments.  

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