Digital Telco Enabler

Digital Telco Enabler Case Study

CelcomNCell, XL and Dialog are all part of the Axiata group, the leading telecommunication service provider in South East Asia and a vanguard of digital transformation. As leaders in the Telco industry, our partners always strive to embrace new technology ensuring a seamless digital experience for their consumers. With the drive to meet constant challenges in the Telco industry, they turned to ADL to find new ways of transforming their BSS (Business Support System) landscape to support rapid service delivery, improving agility and accelerate partnerships. 


Changing the BSS footprint to meet evolving business needs has been a challenge many Telcos continue to face. BSS professionals always have been playing catch-up, unlike their network counterparts who are busy defining how tomorrow should be. This has led Telcos to continue to carry heavily customized BSS eco-systems with high inertia.

When network infrastructure has evolved from 3G, 4G to 5G, all of which are universally comprehendible, Telco BSS conversations are still ruled by vendor specific technologies that do not directly correlate to consumer value propositions. Due to this, operators continue to face challenges to keep up with new technology transformations. In this backdrop, gradual decline in revenue from traditional services has fueled Telco industry to resort to focus its long-term strategy around Digital Transformation.

Key Challenges


In an attempt to overcome the complex BSS challenges, the engineers and technicians #atthelab struck gold with the DTE (Digital Telco Enabler) solution. A platform with all its features complemented towards our client’s effort to stay ahead of the market with rapid service development.

ADL DTE, the enterprise-ready ODA (Open Digital Architecture) aligned digital transformation platform optimizes the value of new telco business support models which work parallelly with existing business support models, allowing telco’s to capitalize on potential revenue growth opportunities. This journey requires a differentiated and innovative digital product that gives the flexibility to support multiple business models at scale, without significantly increasing operational complexity and cost. The DTE agile integration solution unburdens the legacy infrastructure while ensuring security and reducing operational overheads and risk.

Key Features and Benefits


DTE success and recognition stretch beyond the Axiata group. Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, a leading global provider of information and communications technology infrastructure, partnered with ADL to make DTE part of their core billing and charging system offerings. With this strategic partnership, Huawei is extending DTE to their billing and charging system clients, providing them the opportunity to accelerate their digital transformation journey and improve their unique service offerings.


Industry recognition received for DTE has never been considered as the destination, but rather a stepping-stone in the journey to reshape the global BSS transformation. The merits of the DTE framework and its successes, won the gold award for Outstanding Use of TMF (Telecom Management Forum) Assets in a catalyst project, at the Digital Transformation Asia in 2019.

ADL-DTE envisions to expand the platform to provide a complete end-to-end solution by combining Gartner API Manager and EI capabilities to enable a comprehensive transformation. DTE will be transformed to a unique framework that creates uniformity in the BSS landscape while supporting legacy BSSs, clearing the obstacle for evolution to create an eco-system which in turn will open up a plethora of opportunities.

“Marketplace”, an opportunity ADL pursues, where telco’s can come together and find synergies by sharing the success stories among each other, similar to an Android Play Store or the Apple App Store. The “Marketplace” is the first of its kind for telco’s that would allow the sharing of profitable services in a non-competitive environment while concurrently allowing other telco’s to replicate such services for their own business gain. The standardization with DTE will work in the background to facilitate application porting and deployment across telco environments seamlessly.

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