Digital Transformation with Agile Technology

Digital Transformation with Agile Technology - Case Study

Axiata Digital Labs uses the latest technology to accelerate our client’s digital transformation strategy. 

Our client, Dialog Axiata PLC is a subsidiary of the Axiata Group Berhad and is Sri Lanka’s leading quad-play connectivity provider and is the market leader of the mobile telecommunications sector with 14 million customers. Our client’s market presence and robust footprint in the fixed telecommunications and digital television markets require a strong digital strategy that allows efficient data collection and interpretation. 

To help our client digitally transform their business processes and better manage the complex data structures, we adopted an array of technologies to combine and streamline certain tasks. 

The Challenge

To become the leader in innovation in the local telco industry and continue to bring an unique and differentiated experience to their customers.

Dialog PLC required a common platform that transformed the traditional paper-based processes and interactions into an automated and simplified process. A key feature of the required platform was its ability to analyze and response to customer feedback in a timely manner across all telecommunication and digital entertainment channels. 

The solution needed to ensure that the customer experience was prioritized and measured constantly to ensure greater efficiency, reduced costs and that the customers remained loyal and satisfied. However, the move to ‘go digital’ should not cause any compromise on customer loyalty.  

The Solution

Dialog PLC partnered with Axiata Digital Labs to develop an agile methodology that combined Dialog’s API and BSS systems with cloud-native components.

ADL relied on agile methodology for the rapid development and implementation of personalized automated experiences for Dialog’s customers. ADL had introduced agile into Dialog for API disaggregation and microservice-based development. ADL brought in agile experts on key projects and together, ADL and Dialog deleivered more than 40 agile projects including customer experience transformation projects. Ultimately, more than 1100 staff members were trained in agile including a dozen certified product owners; more than 20 scrum masters; and 100 other certified team members. Driving customer integration/continuous development (CI/CD) compliance; weekly deployments; and blueprint methodology, agile methodology was the force for positive change in shifting Dialog to digital ways of thinking and working. 

The “API-ification” of Dialog’s legacy BSS was another critical step. Dialog’s legacy BSS is in the process of being replaced gradually wherever possible, as part of a migration to a cloud-native and microservice architecture. By fronting legacy BSS with APIs, Dialog can accelerate upper layer, customer experience-related developments using agile, while continuing to work around and then replace legacy platforms with cloud-native components.  

The Result

An increase in automation of business processes by 80%, translating to rapid innovation.

By implementing our agile and cloud-native platform, our client was able to witness improvements in key areas:

Benefits of Dialogs Selfcare App

Agile methodology education was instrumental in enabling faster time to market, incremental product shipment, and the ability to course correct based on customer feedback. ADL was instrumental in upskilling more than 1000 staff members without whom the positive results of this transformation could not have been achieved.

As one of the most valued brands in Sri Lanka and the undisputed market leader, Dialog and continues to drive the digital transformation of the industry with its substantial investments in design thinking, agile methodology, AI and data science.  

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