Navigating the Cloud: Unraveling the Imperative for Cloud Insight Tools

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By Nethma Sandamini

In an era dominated by digital transformation, businesses are leveraging the power of the cloud to drive innovation, enhance scalability, and ensure operational agility. The advent of multi-cloud environments has introduced a new level of complexity and, consequently, the need for robust management solutions. This blog explores the evolving landscape of cloud management, current trends shaping the industry, and the indispensable role of cloud insight tools. In the realm of cloud management solutions, ADL Cloud Insight Tool emerges as the beacon guiding businesses through the complexities of multi-cloud environments.

The Cloud Management Puzzle: A Growing Complexity

As organizations increasingly adopt multi-cloud strategies, managing diverse cloud platforms from providers like AWS, GCP, Azure, HC, and Oracle become a challenge. Each platform brings its nuances, making it imperative for businesses to have comprehensive insights into their cloud operations. The complexities extend beyond infrastructure management; they encompass cost optimization, performance monitoring, security, and compliance.

A glimpse into the future of cloud management

  1. Multi-Cloud Adoption: This trend of utilizing multiple cloud providers to avoid vendor lock-ins and optimizing costs is gaining momentum in recent times. According to recent research by HashiCorp, 90% of large enterprises have already adopted a multi-cloud infrastructure in some form.
  2. Diversity in Operating Models: A staggering 76% of organizations worldwide use a multi-cloud operating model with at least one shared and one private cloud infrastructure. Interestingly, large enterprises are the most likely to use multi-cloud, with only 60% of small businesses and 76% of mid-sized organizations having utilized multi-cloud infrastructure.
  3. Underutilization of Management Tools: Despite the prevalence of multi-cloud adoption, many organizations don’t leverage management tools effectively. According to recent research by Flexera, only 42% of the organizations use multi-cloud cost management tools, 38% of the organizations use multi-cloud security tools, and only 33% of the organizations use multi-cloud governance tools. This highlights the need for tools which have cost management, security management as well as governance tools.
  4. Embracing Hybrid Cloud: A significant 82% of enterprises use a hybrid cloud model, combining on-premises infrastructure with cloud services. This underscores the need for solutions that seamlessly integrate and manage diverse IT environments from a centralized hub.
  5. Business Impact of Multi-Cloud: A positive shift is seen with 53% of IT decision-makers stating that multi-cloud helps them achieve their business goals better (HashiCorp). Large enterprises, in particular, see significant benefits, with 64% of IT decision-makers at companies with 100,000 or more employees affirming that multi-cloud has had a positive impact.

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