Creating Future – Proof APIs for an Integrated Web and Mobile Experience 

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Session 23 of this month’s ‘The Podium’ delved into the critical topic of Creating Future-Proof APIs for an Integrated Web and Mobile Experience. Guiding this illuminating session were three esteemed speakers #atthelab Ravindu Lokumanna, a Tech Lead in Software Engineering, Navoda Sathsarani, a Senior Mobile Engineer and Dinuka Fernando, an Associate Tech Lead in Software Engineering who will guide you through best practices and strategies for architecting APIs that can seamlessly integrate across web and mobile platforms, ensuring a cohesive user experience.  

This webinar will cover: 

  • Designing Future – Proof APIs for the Backend  
  • Enhancing Web Experiences with Future – Proof APIs 
  • Future – Proofing APIs for Mobile Applications 

Recommended for:

  • University students  
  • Software engineers  
  • DevOps Professionals  
  • Technology Enthusiasts  
  • Entrepreneurs  
  • Startup Founders  
  • IT Managers 

Presented by

Ravindu Lokumanna   

Tech Lead – Software Engineering  

Ravindu Lokumanna is a Tech Lead – Software Engineering with MSc in Computing (UK) and 14 Years Experience in the tech industry.   

Navoda Sathsarani    

Senior Mobile Engineer   

Navoda Sathsarani is a Senior Mobile Engineer with a B.Sc Special (Hons) – Information Technology Specialization – Software Engineering and 5 year’s experience in mobile developing.   

Dinuka Fernando   

Associate Tech Lead – Software Engineering  

Dinuka Fernando is an Associate Tech Lead – Software Engineering with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from the University College Dublin Ireland and 8+ years of experience in (Frontent backend technologies).