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By Mohamed Afzal

Throughout the annals of human civilization, communication has been facilitated by a myriad of methodologies, among which writing stands as one of the most ancient and enduring. The art of conveying thoughts, ideas, and narratives through the written word is not only efficient but also possesses a timeless quality that transcends epochs. However, mastering the intricacies of the writing process is no simple feat; it necessitates a profound comprehension of both the subject matter at hand and the intended audience. In this discourse, we shall delve into the essential components that pave the path towards becoming a proficient wordsmith. By dissecting the various stages of the writing journey, we aim to equip you with the tools and insights necessary for enhancing your prowess as a writer.

You cannot write well if you don’t know well about the subject

When you plan to write about a subject matter, the best practice is to research about the subject and make notes of the important points. Typically, you can refer to different trustworthy resources and pin down some of the aspects you require for the write up. This can also include statistics and forecasts as well as quotes and other information pertaining to the subject. You can also watch videos, interview people, and discuss with peers to set up the information which is required for you to draft the write up.

Audience is a key component in deciding how to write

Even when you have a comprehensive knowledge in a subject and have plenty of resources to refer to, there can be a challenge when selecting a writing style. Different types of people would have different types of capacity to understand and grasp things. There can also be factors like demographics, education levels, job roles, age, gender, etc. which can be an influential factor when deciding a writing style.

When it comes to business writing, there can be end users or non-technical audience who would not want to have technical jargon and want the articles to be easy to understand. Business audiences on the other hand would like to grasp business benefits, USPs, trends, etc. which would help improve their knowledge. There can also be technical audience like developers and architects who would not mind going through technical jargon and diagrams in an article.

So, when you write an article, it becomes crucial to select the correct writing style because if you choose the wrong style for the wrong audience, the chances of them reading it would significantly go down, For example, if you write a tech savvy article with many technical jargon, general audience and business level audience would not read it as they wouldn’t understand the jargon and wouldn’t have the time to research about them. If you write a less technical article with common language for a technical audience, they can see it as lack of information to their level of understanding. So, always clearly identify the audience type and then decide on which writing style you want to use.

The flow and structure are key elements of a write up

Once you have a clear understanding of what you need to write about and how you are going to write it, the next step would be to create the flow and structure of the content. As a first step, you can create a skeleton of the headings and then you can fill them with the proper content. A typical write up would have a brief introduction, the main body with the core message and a conclusion for the write up. Properly organizing and writing the contents with a proper structure would significantly improve the chances of readers continuing to read the article.

Always have a Call To Action (CTA) if you have one

Typically, there are many content creation projects done to bring awareness about a product, service or a subject. Once the article is complete, try to include a call to action at the end of the article as it can easily drive traffic to your preferred website, blog or social media pages.

To Sum it Up

Ultimately, writing can be a very easy and accessible channel to share your knowledge and ideologies with the world. Though writing can be challenging to many of you, you can overcome them with extensive research, audience analysis, and content planning. With such an approach, you will be able to create some exceptional contents which would bring you recognition from your readers and peers. Why wait long, start writing now!

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