Celcom Life 3.0

Celcom Life 3.0 Case study

Our client, Celcom Axiata, is one of Malaysia’s leading Communication Service Providers and has been a vanguard of digital transformation with its trailblazing use of emerging technologies while shaping consumer expectations in Malaysia. With over 33 years of experience in the telecom industry, Celcom boasts a subscriber base of 14 million and operates over 11,000 network sites covering 2G, 3G, and 4G connectivity.

In line with our client’s goal to become the Most Inspiring Digital Organisation by 2022 by delivering the best digital customer experience, engineers at Axiata Digital Labs and Celcom designed, tested, and delivered the all-new Selfcare application, Celcom Life 3.0.

The ADL team delivered the fully functional Selfcare application within a short span of 6 months, far quicker than the average delivery time of 1 year for a fully functional application of this magnitude. The team was able to conduct quality assurance and re-testing of the final application within this timeframe.

The transformation from version 2.5 to 3.0 shines through the updated User Interface (UI) and technology used to develop the application. Version 3.0 uses a more scalable and open-source version of technology-based over the Google Cloud Platform.

The Challenge

The challenge at hand was to enhance the UI and create an overall enriching user experience through an application that provides a fast response time and seamless digital experience. The key was to strengthen and upgrade the application’s infrastructure that provided an engaging interface for users and a wider array of languages, payment, and user options, all whilst offering robust customer support and services for a more sophisticated user experience.

The previous version, Celcom Life 2.5 resulted in users having to find alternative payment methods due to the poor user interface (UI) and response time of the application. The outdated backend infrastructure lacked an integration service layer which resulted APIs coming in from multiple systems. Moreover, Celcom Life 2.5 lacked the integration with Boost, the digital eWallet developed by the Axiata Group, and lost potential revenue from the 3.5 million registered Boost users. This lack of integration with digital eWallet’s in the previous versions resulted in Celcom to lose potential users.

The Solution

Axiata Digital Labs together with the technical team in Malaysia adopted the latest in cloud technologies to design, develop, and deliver a seamless platform that benefited Celcom’s customers with one application for all their Celcom needs.

Version 3.0 of Celcom Life gave Celcom subscribers a new self-care app with several improvements including

Automatic software updates, reduced costs, improved flexibility, and a secure disaster recovery management system are a few of the benefits ADL delivered through Celcom Life 3.0.

Technology Used:

The Benefit

With version 3.0 of the app, Celcom Axiata provides a common platform to address all of its customers’ needs while providing benefits such as a clearer usage summary, easier reload, roaming from anywhere at any time, self-registration from Xpax starter pack and more rewards from myDeals. This turned out to be catalyst for improving brand loyalty as well as increased revenue generation for Celcom.

The new app allowed end-users to choose from a variety of custom payment options ranging from debit and credit cards and the new integration of the e-wallet app, Boost, the key cashless payments innovator in Malaysia. In the first month of release, the app consisted of over 350 unique user interfaces with over 1 million downloads via the Google and Apple Play Stores to date. Celcom Life 3.0 has achieved a rating of 4.8 and 4.38 on the iOS and Google Play Stores respectively making it the highest rated mobile selfcare app in Malaysia.

What does the future of Celcom 3.0 look like?

We at Axiata Digital Labs plan to work with Celcom to work on Celcom Life to add new features and updates that would continue to provide the users an enhanced UX through 2021 and beyond.

Here are some of the high-level plans we have in store with the Celcom Life 3.0:

Download the latest update of the Celcom Selfcare app via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and find out more on the application and how you can make the best out of it by visiting www.celcom.com.