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Axiata Digital Labs, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, XL Axiata, and AWS Collaborate to Unveil the SinergiAPI Portal in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia, 22nd December 2023 — Axiata Digital Labs (ADL), Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (Indosat or IOH), XL Axiata, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) proudly introduce the SinergiAPI Portal, the first API portal in Indonesia based upon GSMA’s Open Gateway initiative which aims to empower developers and enterprises by offering universal access to…
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Designing For Humans: The Psychology of UI/UX

Session 18 of this month’s tech talk, ‘The Podium,’ delved into the captivating topic of “Designing for Humans: The Psychology of UI/UX ” The discussion centered around effective strategies and best practices in UI/UX, exploring how thoughtful design can enhance the user experience. Leading this insightful session was one of…
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The Future of Telco Billing: Blockchain and Smart Contracts

In the swiftly evolving realm of telecommunications, the imperative for secure, transparent, and efficient billing systems has never been more pronounced. As the industry contends with escalating complexities and the clamor for heightened customer experiences, traditional billing methods are proving inadequate. Enter blockchain technology and smart contracts, two revolutionary innovations…
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The Tech Industry’s Role in the Fight Against Climate Change

In the battle against climate change, the tech industry has emerged as a powerful ally, leveraging innovation and cutting-edge technology to create sustainable solutions. Navigating through the domains of environmental stewardship, the tech sector emerges as a pivotal player in the fight against climate change. This discourse centers on three…
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Green Technology: How Sustainable Practices Are Reshaping the Tech Industry

In our fast-evolving world, green technology has emerged as a beacon of hope, highlighting the urgent need for sustainability. The tech industry is stepping up to play a pivotal role in addressing environmental challenges. The integration of green technology promises a more sustainable future, marking a revolutionary fusion of technology…
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Women in AI: Navigating Hurdles and Making a Difference

Session 17 of this month’s tech talk, ‘The Podium,’ explored a compelling topic in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, focusing on “Women in AI – Navigating Hurdles and Making a Difference.” Leading the session were two esteemed experts from our team #atthelab: Dinu Wijayaweera, Associate BA Lead, and Sajani Mayadunne,…
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Linux Server Hardening and it's Impact - Cyber Security Awareness

Linux Server Hardening and its Impact

Linux server hardening enhances the security of Linux-based servers giving users the protection from various threats and vulnerabilities. Explore the series of security measures and the best practices to reduce the risk of server attack’s and make them less susceptible to unauthorized access, data breaches, and other risks with the…
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Digital Telco Enabler Case Study

Digital Telco Enabler

Celcom, NCell, XL and Dialog are all part of the Axiata group, the leading telecommunication service provider in South East Asia and a vanguard of digital transformation. As leaders in the Telco industry, our partners always strive to embrace new technology ensuring a seamless digital experience for their consumers. With the drive to meet constant…
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Digital Transformation with Agile Technology - Case Study

Digital Transformation with Agile Technology

Axiata Digital Labs uses the latest technology to accelerate our client’s digital transformation strategy.  Our client, Dialog Axiata PLC is a subsidiary of the Axiata Group Berhad and is Sri Lanka’s leading quad-play connectivity provider and is the market leader of the mobile telecommunications sector with 14 million customers. Our client’s market presence and…
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